Why Mellow & More

Mellow & More is a modern lifestyle brand who is focusing on providing premium oriental tea. Our passion is to inspire people with different ways of drinking classic oriental tea and introduce a new tea experience.

The Grand Feast - Raw Pu Erh Tea 普洱生茶 - Mellow & More

Our Symbol

Our identity is designed based on Chinese Knots which play a significant role in Eastern culture and carry multiple meanings. It symbolised luck, love and wishes. Therefore, for Mellow & More it is our mission to give the best wishes to the customers by giving the finest tea and encouraging customers to spread out the love and care to the communities.

Mellow & More Tea Quality 選材質素

Our Quality

At Mellow & More, we precisely focus on our tea standard in every way. The premium tea we are providing has 100% purity with NO artificial additions such as powder, sweetening and colouring.

Mellow & More Experience 團隊經驗

Our Experience

We work closely with a range of tea experts from Hong Kong who have years of experience in tea making and select only the very best for our customers.